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Morgan Music offers full service Music Direction to clients large and small.  Services include:
  • Creation of virtual choir projects (Audio and Video)
  • Arranging, transcription or composition
  • Chart / score creation (Sibelius)
  • Recording studio - production, engineering, mixing (Pro Tools)
  • Track creation for auditions or rehearsals
  • Venue booking, studio space, audio equipment
  • Backline - providing instruments and audio equipment
  • Booking musicians (band, chamber groups  or even a full orchestra)
  • Access to Calgary's best classical, jazz and popular musicians
  • Pipe organ, piano and keys
  • Choral or orchestral conducting
  • Any event, large or small
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Recording Studio

Morgan Music operates a small recording studio that specializes in vocal and single track recording.   This studio is used to track singles from local bands like Souls in Rhythm "Slingshot" and Vincelin "Down To Funk".   This is the studio used to mix the sound of the Young Canadians for their Christmas Show, Spring Show and the background vocals for the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show.
The studio is also used to create some great "Living Room Sessions" with local artists.  Check them out below.  Please visit the contact us page to discuss your project.

Arranging and Transcription

Can't find an choral arrangement of a song that you love?  Is the arrangement that you want to use too difficult for the group, in the wrong key, set for the wrong voice types or just not good enough for the group?  I have created a number of vocal arrangements for a variety of vocal groups and shows.  Visit the contact us page to discuss your project.   Previous arrangements include:
All You Need Is Love
Beautiful City 
Black or White
Boogie Wonderland
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Can't Be Tamed
Christmas Swing
Evenstar - Lord of the Rings
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Hit Me Baby One More Time
I Love Rock and Roll
I Want It That Way
Live and Let Die
Love Machine
Love on the Brain
Me Against The Music
No Bravery
Paint It Black
Pure Imagination
Seven Nation Army
Stacy's Mom
There is Nothing Like A Dame
Thrift Shop
True Colors
U Can't Touch This
Waving Flag
We Can't Stop
What is Love
Will You Be There

Track Creation

Do you need a track created for an audition, recital, performance or show?  Perhaps your choir needs Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass rehearsal tracks created?  No track project is too large or small.  Do you want strings, brass, guitar, bass, drums or just a piano track?  Morgan Music can do that.  Please visit the contact us page to discuss your project.

Booking Musicians

Are you looking for musicians for your event?  How can you be sure you are hiring skilled musicians?  Morgan Music takes the hassle out of securing and booking musicians by using only the highest calibre musicians, ensuring all union contracts and obligations are met, contacting the venue regarding set-up and technical needs, managing all communication and making sure you have the perfect sound for your event.  
Whether you want a jazz trio, string quartet, brass quintet, rock band, marching band, Christmas carolers, singer/songwriter, or solo piano, you will have the right people for any event.  Great for corporate events, weddings, Christmas parties, Stampede parties, dinner parties, or conventions.  Morgan Music has you covered.
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