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Virtual Choir Projects

Many choirs and instrumental groups are looking for new ways to create and share their music online.
Morgan Music offers full service audio and video production of virtual choir projects.  Our virtual projects have been featured on CTV National News, CTV Calgary News, Global Morning Show, Global National News, Global Calgary and Edmonton News, and several radio stations.
​Clients include:
  • Revv52 - Calgary's Vocal Energy
  • Remix - Powered by Revv52
  • Mount Royal Kantorei
  • Calgary Men's Chorus
  • The Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede
  • Bishop Carroll High School
Projects can be customized for large and small groups, and we offer customization of your project including:
  • Custom instrumental backing tracks
  • Rehearsal and recording tracks created using professional singers
  • Click tracks and cue tracks with verbal instructions for your singers that can include important information like dynamics, cut-offs and other musical cues.
  • High quality mixing and editing in a professional recording studio.  You also have the option to record soloists in the studio.
  • Assistance navigating the legalities of copyright and online publishing of digital content.
Please contact us for more information and quotes.
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Invictus - by Joshua Rist - Virtual Performance

Invictus - by Joshua Rist - Virtual Performance

Music Joshua Rist Lyrics William Ernest Henley Mount Royal Kantorei Artistic Director John Morgan Cum Vino Cantus Artistic Director Michael Coburn Calgary Men’s Chorus Artistic Director Malcolm Edwards Mount Royal Artio Artistic Director Jean-Louis Bleau Soloists Cassandra Bessette Livia Szojka Cello Lizzy Munson Piano John Morgan Choir Aderonke Ojei Alex Chumley Ann Crawford Athena Tran Ben Coburger Ben Walmsley Beth Walmsley Bonnie Kowaliuk Brad Lagore Carol Bartel Nickel Carrie Reid Cassandra Bessette Chad Ruston Christine Horne Colin Klippenstein David Ross Dayna Wiebe Dennis Daly Dianne Smith Donna Flotre Emma Faber Eunice Loudon Gisele Sweetland Greyson Mannella Helen Goodchild Ian Malayang James Hume Janos Bart Jennifer Nakaska Jody Alexander Kayla Bailey Ken Melax Lisa Collins Mary Campbell Matthew Gillespie Megan Vignal Michael Bruch Michael Chase Michael Coburn Michele Hannay Michelle Ha Nyanza Austin-Bishop Peter Exner Rodney Villanueva Gamutin Sabrina Reed Sachia Sproule Sandy Crawford Shawn Loo Sheila Bean Stephen Wright Susan Chambers Twylla Conn Tyler Walmsley Solos Recorded at Morgan Music Audio Mix John Morgan and Cassandra Bessette (Morgan Music) Video Editing Nigel Goodwin Participating Choirs Mount Royal Kantorei Mount Royal Artio Cum Vino Cantus Calgary Men’s Chorus ConocoPhillips And various choristers from many in Calgary’s choral community. Produced by Kantorei Choral Society with funding from Calgary Men’s Chorus, Cum Vino Cantus, and private donations. Additional Funding and Support Calgary Arts Development Alberta Foundation for the Arts
O Canada - A Prelude and Anthem

O Canada - A Prelude and Anthem

A breathtaking new release from Revv52 of Calgary, Alberta recorded and performed virtually to celebrate Canada Day 2020. The opening Prelude is an original composition beginning with the Cree word 'Mâmawi' - meaning "All together". The orchestral arrangement by Artistic Director John Morgan sets the stage for the beautiful poetry about Canada's journey, potential, and hopes for the future from Governor General award-winner Richard Harrison. I love unfinished things, ​the bookmark set between closed pages, ​​the field that waits for seed, Canada ​​​​​​is a place like that, a history incomplete, ​a traveler turning around and wondering ​​​​at the distance gone, the distance yet to go. What was there, Canada? ​What is ever there on a country’s road, but times when we were glorious, ​​and times of things no one should have done? Our anthem understands: ​words of pride with notes of mourning, and the music of resolve to finish ​​​​and turn towards the road ahead. Here is a place to say, We go on, ​not as before, and so keep faith with the best of what we are. O, Canada, it is a complex love ​​that keeps us together, ​​​​and all the more true love for that. Revv52's new arrangement of O Canada includes Cree Nation and Revv52 member Akina, French Canadian solo recording artist Renelle Ray, and Canadian R&B solo recording artist Justine Tyrell. All are accompanied by Revv52, Canada’s Vocal Energy who recorded from their homes virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Revv52's tribute on Canada's birthday in 2020 seeks to stir the hearts of Canadians with haunting text, indigenous language and an original arrangement and performance of our magnificent anthem. O Canada, A Prelude Poetry: Richard Harrison © 2020 Music: John Morgan © 2020 O Canada Anthem Soloists: Akina (Cree) / Renelle Ray (Français) / Brian Lalonde (Français) / Justine Tyrell (English) Lyrics: Robert Stanley Weir (English) / Adolphe-Basile Routhier (French) public domain Music: Calixa Lavallée public domain Arrangement: John Morgan © 2020 Cree Translation with Permission: Wayne Jackson © 2020 Revv52 Artistic Director: John Morgan Revv52 President and O Canada Project Manager: Jen Matthias Revv52 Board of Directors: Michael Birnie / Brett Sieben / Ken Wilson / Alec Blair Revv52 Marketing Committee: Ken Wilson (Chair) / Jen Matthias / Kim Berecsenyi / Viccy Grace / Stuart Quinn / Lisa Rouleau / Chloe Wong Revv52 General Manager: Lisa Collins Audio Mix & Video Direction: John Morgan Video Editor: Nigel Goodwin Soloist Video Shoot: MediaPop Films, with thanks to Revv52 member Barb Mitchell Wardrobe: Jennifer Robertson Makeup: Christian Morneau Graphics: Oil City Press Video Footage Licenses: Artica Studios / Java Post Production / Man and Drone / Fortnine Revv52 MEMBERS Sopranos: Kim Bercsenyi, Athena Celis, Peita Luti, Charity McInnis, Mallorie Miller, Jasmine Ogroske, Bekah Pederson, Jennifer Robertson, Valerie Teeter, Claire Wilkes Altos: Janet Boswell, Stephanie Brugos, Heather Cole, Jennele Coulson, Linda Dang, Barb Fabijan-Waddell, Vicci Grace, Kate Heney, Emmaly Livino, Tara Luke, Jen Matthias, Barb Mitchell, Kelli Northrup, Sandy Peacock, Lisa Rouleau, Eve Shaw, Akina Slusar, Krista Willott Tenors: Jody Alex, Michael Heney, Dave Kletke, David Little, Ian Malayang, John Morgan, Christian Morneau, Stuart Quinn, Brendan Rosenow, Chris Willott Basses: Dave Birnie, Alec Blair, Dan Duguay, Brian Lalonde, Dave Macleod, Ian McKay, Joe Moreau, John Nairn, John Wiest, Ken Wilson Revv52 is one of Calgary’s longest-standing performance groups who regularly entertains thousands of adoring fans each year, with concerts at the beautiful Bella Auditorium located within the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts at Mount Royal University. #O Canada #Oh Canada #Canada Day

Track Creation

Do you need a track created for an audition, recital, performance or show?  Perhaps your choir needs Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass rehearsal tracks created?  No track project is too large or small.  Do you want strings, brass, guitar, bass, drums or just a piano track?  Morgan Music can do that.  Please visit the contact us page to discuss your project.

Booking Musicians

Are you looking for musicians for your event?  How can you be sure you are hiring skilled musicians?  Morgan Music takes the hassle out of securing and booking musicians by using only the highest calibre musicians, ensuring all union contracts and obligations are met, contacting the venue regarding set-up and technical needs, managing all communication and making sure you have the perfect sound for your event.  
Whether you want a jazz trio, string quartet, brass quintet, rock band, marching band, Christmas carolers, singer/songwriter, or solo piano, you will have the right people for any event.  Great for corporate events, weddings, Christmas parties, Stampede parties, dinner parties, or conventions.  Morgan Music has you covered.
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